Ballbusting 24


CBT electro victim of Mistress Amrita!

Slave Bobby is placed under the CBT board by Mistress Amrita and fixed. The sadistic Japanese lady has come up with a special cruelty for him. Totally fixed in the device it binds his balls and his cock and tortures him with her nylon feet. She squeezes the tied eggs with his feet and climbs on it with her full weight. Bobby`s loud screams only increase her natural sadistic heart. That's what Mistress Amrita really likes!
She lights some candles and torments him in between with hot candle wax. But the special vulgarity of her is yet to come: It also sets Bobby still under power. With the power device she torments his body and his cock and his balls in the most cruel. Grilled like a skewer, Bobby screams uninterruptedly. And that pleases the merciless sadist more and more.

Ballbusting 24

  • Product Code: Ballbusting 24
Format: HD
Length: 9.40 Minute
  • 9.90€

Tags: femdom, torture, bdsm, bizarr, domina, domination, fetisch, fetish, goddess, herrin, madame, lady, miss, princess, Mistress Amrita,

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