Ballbusting 21

Ballbusting Terror Party! COMPLETE MOVIE!

Psycho Mistress Ronja and her friend Ines want to dye the eggs of some slaves really nice today.
Her slavegirl Pia is also part of the party. First, Pia gets the order from Mistress Ronja to kick her slaves in the balls to amuse the mistresses. Maskengeorg has to kneel on the pretty slave with dum-fed feet kick in the balls. Over and over again. Also from the back. Finally, Ronja joins in and kicks him hard again into the nuts that he collapses. But the ladies have so many kick objects attached.
They call first slave Quasimodo. Heardly kick him the 3 ladies now hard in the balls until he collapses in pain. Then also the old paps Tommy is brought.
And the party is in full swing. Maskengeorg, Grandpaps Tommy and Quasimodo are getting kicked hard by the 3 ladies with their shoes. And then, as they writhe in pain on the ground, the naturist ladies do not stop. No, they kick merciless the victims on the ground together. From all sides, the 3 slaves are always kicked hard together. In the process, the ladies abuse and humiliate the slave objects all the time.

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Ballbusting 21

  • Product Code: Ballbusting 21
Length: Minute
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